Hylkegården the shop

 The shop, located in the former stable (about 350 sq m), has been renovated with great care. The environment conveys a genuine impression with feeding passages, cows' identification boards, beams and stable-windows kept intact. Here you will find a wide variety of nice and special items, ranging from kitchen and bathroom accessories, furniture, lamps, textiles, silk flowers and interesting items of decoration, to classically designed pottery, wrought-iron goods, woven fabrics etc. Home-grown immortelles are arranged according to customers' specific wishes.

Hylkegården antiques

The antique department is located on the former hay loft (about 150 sq m). Here you will find a wide choice of antique rustic-style furniture, pieces with their original paint either preserved or removed with lye, as well as interesting utility goods and textiles. All pieces of furniture are restored on the premises.

Member of Ängeln-Österlen,the Antique Dealers´ Association