Hylkegården history

The farm, originally located in the village of Gislöv, was established in the 1700s. At the enskifte (a grand reform of farming at the beginning of the 1800s, when villages were split into separate farms) the farmhouse was built on its current location. Since then the appearance of the house has been changed several times, and today only the café (the west wing) keeps traces of the original farmhouse.

In 1917 the farm was bought by Per Jeppsson (grandfather of the current owner) and in the 1920s and 30s the house was partly rebuilt and got its current appearance.

At the end of the 50s the farm was leased to Signe and Åke Andersson (Jeppsson's daughter and son-in-law), who took over the ownership in 1964. In 1975, following the increase of tourism in Österlen in the early 70s, the Anderssons decided to open a combined café and shop in the retirement wing (the west wing). During the summers Åke and Cecilia, their daughter, took care of the café guests while Signe did the baking, and during the winters carpets and table-cloths to be sold in the shop were woven. In 1977, the number of customers having increased beyond expectation, the Anderssons decided to sell their livestock and farming machinery, and lease out the land. The stable was renovated and furnished as a shop, and the entire retirement wing became a café. The basis for the Hylkegården of today had been established.

In 1981, when Cecilia had finished her education, she and her fiancé Michael Mehler decided to start a business of their own, called Hylkegårdens Skattkammare, in the east wing. Over the years the business was extended and a department of antique and rustic-style furniture was created on the former hay loft.

In 1996 the two businesses merged into one, AB Hylkegården-Österlen.